Vicki Winters

Vicki Winters

Vicki Winters is the owner of Bucket List Travelers. She is also an Actor, Blogger, Content Creator, and Hustler with ADHD. In Vicki’s own words, “I’m All Over The Place”.

At the age of 60, after splitting up with her husband, she threw ALL the spaghetti up against the wall, and a lot of things are sticking. The kitchen is a mess, but that’s another story.

Vicki Winters is a woman who has embraced her Senior Citizen status like noone’s business.

You can find her dancing at sunrise at Daybreaker events, bike riding through the streets of NYC, and playing all over in an the All -Female Brazilian Samba Reggae drumline, FOGO AZUL.

In addition to being a Distinctive Voyages Host for Travel Leaders, she leads group tours for women who like to have fun!

Vicki has previously spoken at Women Over 60 Who Travel, TBEX, as well as stirring up a few laughs when she spoke at Women’s Travel Fest. She has been featured for her tenacity on Travel Market Report, and recently appeared on camera with Ken Muskat, MSC Cruises.