Valerie Lopez

Valerie Lopez

Co-Founder & CEO, Shoot My Travel

Valerie Lopez is the co-founder and CEO of Shoot My Travel, a global photographer marketplace launched in 2017 that connects travelers with local professional photographers worldwide.

Exploring the art of photography at an early age, she quickly grew her passion into a serious profession with a substantial client base. Taking it a step further, she went on to build a platform that is the easiest way to book a photographer anywhere in the world and helps her clients capture memories forever.

Inspired by her father who passed away before her birth and who always used to book a professional photographer for his young family when they were on vacation, Valerie courageously harnessed her entrepreneurial spirit, took the spark of an idea, and with Shoot My Travel became the first marketplace for photographers.

Shoot My Travel has captured more than two million photos and generated more than 10,000 photography jobs, consistently delivering professional photographic experiences and tailored customer service for every client’s need. The signature turquoise logo of Shoot My Travel has become synonymous with stylish, vibrant professional photographs worldwide and has been featured organically in press such as the Telegraph, Hello Magazine, CNN, Telemundo, CBS and National Geographic.

The Shoot My Travel photographer marketplace spans 500 cities in over 105 countries with more growth on the horizon! The team recently launched their first photo-walk in collaboration with Apple, while Valerie was a guest on “BBC World News: Talking Business with Aaron Heslehurst” and named one of Avianca’s 100 most influential latinos.

Valerie has been named the first woman entrepreneur ambassador for her home country of Colombia. Her mission is to continue leading her talented team in meeting all her clients’ photographic needs while fostering a unique online community for her worldwide photographers.