Leigh Shulman

Leigh Shulman, Author, Writing Coach

Leigh Shulman

Author + Writing Coach

Leigh Shulman is an author and writing mentor with 20 years of experience teaching all types of writing to all ages of writers.

Her book The Writer’s Roadmap: Paving the Way To Your Ideal Writing Life helps thousands of writers find their paths in the writing world. This book is based on her own experiences developing a writing life while traveling with her family.

After her daughter was born, Leigh and her partner sold everything they owned and left for open-ended travel. Their adventures took them through Europe, the United States, Canada, Central America, and South America.

Teaching inspired Leigh to start her own online writing mentorship program called The Workshop where she has worked with hundreds of writers, offering support and guidance as they write books and develop writing careers. Her students have published in Atlas Obscura, The Washington Post, New York Times, Cultures and Cuisines, Vice and many more and have created careers and businesses as magazine editors, content creators and full-time freelance writers. Her Creative Revolution Retreats book writing retreats have been named one of the top ten empowering retreats for women by The Write Life.

She currently lives in Argentina with her family where she writes and wonders if she’s the only person on earth who doesn’t like dulce de leche.