Living the Life You Were Made For

We travel not to escape life, but for it not to escape us, but what if traveling is more than
just seeing one place after another? Committed to finding more meaning, connection and joy
in our day-to-day lives, international empowerment coach, travel writer and bestselling author,
Shannon Kaiser traveled the world for a year in search of the universal truths and essential
wisdom we desperately need today. 
Traveling is more than just checking things off your bucket list and pumping up your Instagram
page, true travel is about what happens on the inside. It’s about the lessons we learn on the way
and who we become in the process. In an extraordinary adventure about what it means to be
alive, Shannon shares her Joy Seeker approach to life, a way of living with more purpose,
passion and joy.
Her transformational talk will share the 5 principles for accessing unlimited joy so you can live a
life beyond your wildest dreams. It is a path to discovering your true self—the hero within so
you can have the clarity, confidence and courage to live the life you were made for.