How to Get Around Playa del Carmen During the 2024 Conference

The city of Playa del Carmen itself is an easy place to navigate. So, as you enjoy all that Quintana Roo has to offer, we’ve covered all the best transportation options.

If you plan on attending the 2024 Women’s Travel Fest conference in Playa del Carmen, you’re in for a treat. This part of Mexico is full of white sand beaches, cenotes, and tranquil blue waters. 

The city of Playa del Carmen itself is an easy place to navigate. So, as you enjoy all that Quintana Roo has to offer, we’ve covered all the best transportation options. This way, you’ll know what to expect when you visit! 

Playa del Carmen is a city that is highly conducive to walking and exploration.


Bustling yet compact, Playa del Carmen is a very walkable city, and if you’re staying in the downtown vicinity, pretty much everything will be within walking distance! You’ll be able to get to great restaurants and bars, grocery stores, and shops on foot. There are plenty of streets that lead to the best beaches, too!

If your trip entails laying out by the water and eating delicious food, then you really won’t need to worry about any other type of transportation when you’re in Playa.

But if you plan on going out and enjoying the nightlife or want to visit some sites or towns close by, other types of transportation will be necessary.

Tip: Quinta Avenida goes across from one end of  Playa del Carmen to the other, from east to west, and is a lovely walk, and hop down to the beach at different points along the way.

Taxis offer convenience when traveling a bit farther from the town center

Taking a Taxi

Taxis are easy to find in Playa, and typically won’t be any more than $5 (USD) to get around town. If you need to hop in a taxi, keep in mind that all taxi drivers in Playa run on a set tariff, so you should always set the price before getting in. Some taxi drivers will try to scam tourists by up-charging them for the ride. 

Taxis are convenient if you’re heading to or from a restaurant that’s a bit further from the center of town or if you’re heading back home from a night out. If you’re out late near Quinta Avenida, it’s best to walk to 25th or 30th Avenida to flag down a taxi, as it’s a bit safer and you’ll get a better price for the ride. 

You can ask the hotel to book you a taxi ride in advance, too. 

This guide will show you all the ways to safely and easily get from the airport to Playa del Carmen!

Cruising around town on a bike is a genuinely enjoyable way to travel.


Biking is a really fun way to get around town, especially if you want to see a lot of the city in a shorter period of time, or just enjoy a relaxing cruise. Just be sure to take note of street signs so you know where you can and can’t bike. And be cautious on the busier avenues. 

Some hotels and bike stories offer bike rentals, but there are also BiciPlaya bike stations all around the city with plenty of bikes that you can rent short term. Just download the BiciPlaya app and you can pick up and drop off your bike at any station around town!  

We’ve got you covered with a list of the best hotels in Playa del Carmen!

Renting a car becomes convenient when you plan to stay for an extended duration.

Renting a Car

Renting a car is typically not necessary for shorter stays in Playa del Carmen, even if you have excursions planned, as many tour companies provide transportation to and from the location. 

However, if you’re planning on driving to other cities or have multiple excursions planned that you want to drive to yourself, then renting a car is a great way to go. 

Renting a car would also be convenient if you’re staying for an extended period of time and will need to load up on groceries every so often. You can load it up with gear for beach days, too! 

There are reliable companies like Avis and Sixt, but a good search on the internet will help you find a reliable company. 

Want to know more about Women’s Travel Fest? Read About Us here. We look forward to welcoming you to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, February 16-19, 2024! And watch out for news on the 2025 conference destination! 



FEBRUARY 16-19, 2024