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Meet Erica

Erica Virvo Hackman is the Director of Nomadic Matt’s travel community: The Nomadic Network (TNN). After living around the world for years in places like Zambia, St Vincent, South Korea, Qatar, Costa Rica, and rural Thailand, Erica met Nomadic Matt and began her decade-long career working with a huge budget travel website that gets over 1M readers each month. She’s worked remotely from her laptop for extended periods of time in Vietnam, Cambodia, Dubai, Costa Rica, the UK, South Africa, and Ghana. Her love for meeting people translated well when her role switched to building a community from scratch at the end of 2019. TNN is an inclusive *free* community connecting travelers to people and resources that get them traveling cheaper, better, longer, and more! Erica and Nomadic Matt have created a thriving community that hosts hundreds (yes, hundreds) of in-person chapter meetups and virtual events. Personally, Erica recently married the love of her life, Rich, and they welcomed their first baby, Leo Kodwo. By two-years-old, Leo has already boarded 20 flights, multiple trains, countless subways, various ferries, and who knows how many Ubers. He’s slept in plenty of hotel rooms, guest rooms, and ate jollof rice long before he tried cheerios. While the pandemic made most of his early travels US-based, he also spent a quarter of his short life living in Ghana. Erica loves being able to share the world with her son. She also adores sharing what she’s learned along the way with other growing families.

Erica Virvo Hackman