Best Vegan Restaurants in Playa del Carmen for Conference Attendees

If you’re vegan or a lover of plant-based meals, you’ll be happy to hear that Playa del Carmen has a blooming vegan scene with a wide variety of restaurants for you to enjoy. From traditional Mexican eats to diner-inspired comfort food, Playa’s vegan restaurants will blow you away!

If you’re signed up for the 2024 Women’s Travel Fest conference, first, yay! We’re excited to host you in Playa del Carmen. While there will be amazing eats to be had at the Grand Hyatt Resort and conference venue, you may want to venture out on your own and try the many amazing restaurants that the town has to offer. 

If you’re vegan or a lover of plant-based meals, you’ll be happy to hear that Playa del Carmen has a blooming vegan scene with a wide variety of restaurants for you to enjoy. 

From traditional Mexican eats to diner-inspired comfort food, Playa’s vegan restaurants will blow you away!

Omnivores and vegans alike adore this restaurant for its authentic flavors.

Corazón Contento

One of the most popular vegan restaurants in all of Playa, Corazón Contento offers its vegan take on a wide range of traditional Mexican dishes. Omnivores and vegans alike flock to this restaurant for its authentic flavors, spot-on textures, and gorgeous presentation. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this vegan gem is set in a lush garden with relaxing and friendly vibes all around. 

If you’re coming for breakfast, try to get there early to snag some fresh vegan croissants! Other menu highlights are the mango milkshake and waffles.

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Offers plenty of vegan tamales, both sweet & savory.

Tamales Ciencia Ficción

While not exactly a restaurant, you absolutely can’t miss a visit to Playa’s beloved vegan tamale stand, Tamales Ciencia Ficción. Their tamales are lovingly crafted with traditional masa harina and are filled with a range of combinations, including mole, portobello, and even a sweet pineapple, as well as two vegetarian options. 

Cheap, filling, and truly mouthwatering, one visit to Tamales Ciencia Ficción won’t be enough!

The menu highlights fresh, local produce and organic superfoods.

Fresco Habito

The dishes at Fresco Hábito are creative, tasty, and nourishing. Their menu focuses on fresh, local produce and organic superfoods, with offerings like hydrating juices and smoothies, Buddha bowls, and veggie burgers. Located right off of Quinta Avenida and a block away from the ocean, you’ll get to enjoy your vibrant and photo-worthy plates in a cute, boho environment with friendly service and an ocean breeze. 

You’ll be happy to know that February is a gorgeous month in Playa del Carmen!

The ultimate destination for top-tier vegan pizzas and empanadas.

Coral Vegan Pizza 

Your one-stop-shop for the best vegan pizzas and empanadas in Yucatán, Coral Vegan Pizza presents a menu that’s dedicated equally to artisan pizzas and traditional empanadas, both freshly made from scratch and seasoned to perfection. The pizzas feature perfectly crisp edges and delectable made-in-house cheeses, while the empanadas stay true to the region’s authentic flavors while staying light and fresh. 

Another reason to visit: Coral seeks to mitigate climate change and support ocean conservation, which they do through their use of local and sustainable ingredients and their support of local coral restoration organizations. 

A cheerful health-food spot with a friendly, laid-back vibe.

Peace & Bowl

In the beautiful open courtyard of Mercado 30 sits Peace and Bowl, a cheery, health-food spot with a friendly and laid-back atmosphere. Offering delicious food that’ll leave you feeling light and energized, Peace and Bowl is the perfect fuel for an adventurous day.   

If you’re looking for something filling, go for a smoothie bowl, stuffed pita, or hummus bowl; for something light, they offer fresh juices, chia pudding, and yummy toasts. Be sure to add an aguas fresca to your meal! 

Make sure your Playa del Carmen packing list covers all the bases!

Highly recommended choices include tacos, tortilla soup, and tamales.


Traditional Mexican eats with a vegan twist, Plantivoros gets rave reviews for its freshly-made tortillas, traditional dishes, and fun offerings like KFC tacos. The restaurant focuses on fresh, real food over faux meats and cheeses, yet their satisfying flavors and textures will not disappoint! A short walk from Quinta Avenida, Plantivoros boasts awesome service and a homey atmosphere. 

The tacos, tortilla soup, and tamales are highly recommended. And don’t leave without trying the lemon cake! 

The menu echoes the vibrant jungle ambiance with fresh and lively dishes.


Arcana’s Middle Eastern-inspired kitchen is absolutely gorgeous, with pale pink walls, huge windows, earthy decor, and lush trees. Open for breakfast and lunch, the menu reflects its jungly atmosphere with fresh and vibrant dishes, including a berry açai bowl, overnight chia oats, a saffron rice and tofu bowl, and red hummus flatbread. 

You’ll be blown away by the presentation — expect to take plenty of photos! From their spicy celery juice to their bright pink rose latte, be sure to explore their drink menu, too. 

Committed to providing customers with organic, local, and seasonal “real” foods.

Tierra Verde 

Dedicated to offering organic, local, seasonal, and “real” foods to their customers, Tierra Verde’s menu is all made from scratch, leaving out any highly processed or refined ingredients. From grain bowls and tacos to fully raw sushi to an extensive list of dreamy superfood smoothies, each plant-powered option is filling and nutrient-dense.  

Don’t pass up on a treat from their refined sugar- and flour-free dessert menu — you’ll be shocked at their naturally sweet deliciousness!

This ’50s diner features fantastic decor, with matching music and a welcoming atmosphere.

Comet 984

After a long, active day of beach activities or jungle excursions, you’ll need a hearty, ultra-satisfying meal, and Comet 984’s delicious vegan burgers, fries, and milkshakes will give you just that. Not only is the menu mouthwatering, but the restaurant is an experience in itself. A true retro wonderland, this 50s-inspired diner has incredible decor (down to the checkered floor and red booths), music to match, and friendly vibes.

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants

The vegan scene in Playa doesn’t stop at vegan restaurants — these are some great restaurants in town that have amazing vegan options. Here are a couple of the best!

A top pick for locals and digital nomads seeking a productive remote workspace.

Bajo Cafe

Bajo Cafe is a go-to spot for coffee and breakfast in Playa. A favorite among locals and digital nomads who want to get some remote work done, the charming space is set in an outdoor courtyard with friendly vibes and yummy, fresh food.   

The vegan options are clearly marked on the menu, with offerings like a BLT, enchiladas, tacos, and even pancakes. Their coffee is stellar, and they have multiple plant milks to choose from. 

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A charming cafe connected to a produce market, popular among locals for quick bites.

La Ceiba de la 30

La Ceiba de la 30 is a cute little cafe attached to a fruit and veggie market where you’ll find plenty of locals stopping by for a bite. They have a vast menu and are very accommodating to vegans and vegetarians as long as you’re clear when you order! They serve up fresh juices and smoothies and plenty of vegan entrees from veggie burritos to burgers and fries—all at super affordable prices. 

They promote local producers and use the freshest ingredients.


Both a restaurant and an organic health food store, Bio-Natural supports local producers and uses the freshest ingredients available. The majority of its extensive menu is vegan, so you’ll be spoilt for choice, but the standout vegan dish might have to be its hearty stack of vegan pancakes loaded with peanut butter, fresh fruit, coconut, chocolate chips, and an option of vegan ice cream on the side. 

Its savory offerings, including burgers, nachos, and tacos, are no less mouthwatering. Be sure to check out the store and grab some vegan snacks for the road! 

Your ultimate hub for health and plant-based living.

Bio Orgánicos

Both a restaurant and specialty grocery store, Bio Orgánicos is your one-stop shop for all things healthy and plant-based. While the restaurant is vegetarian, their menu is overwhelmingly vegan, with plenty of options for both breakfast and lunch and everything made with a healthy twist. 

Swing by in the morning for oatmeal, pancakes, or a smoothie bowl, or try their coconut ceviche, tacos, or vegan papadzules (which get rave reviews) at lunch!

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