Best Women Led Travel Tours to Connect and Find Community

Traveling with a group of like-minded people is truly an experience like no other. Check out these fantastic tours led by these amazing travel leaders (some are even past or current speakers)!

Do you plan on attending the Women’s Travel Fest from February 16-19, 2024? Part of the experience of being together and making new connections is taking tours together, which will be part of the conference this year!

Traveling with a group of like-minded people is truly an experience like no other. It’s empowering, supportive, and so much fun; hence, we’ve gathered an incredible list of women-led tours that will take you on adventures you’ve always wanted to go on while fostering amazing friendships.

These are the best tours that offer all of the above and more, and some of them are spearheaded by current and past speakers (they’re arranged in alphabetical order for easy scanning)!

As you embark on shared journeys, it’s incredible when connections build instantly!

Adventurely Welcome Meetups

The Adventurely Welcome Meetups are a unique take on a “workation,” creating month-long remote work and travel trips for a curated group of remote workers. You’ll go to inspiring destinations with itineraries that’ll support your work days and bring everyone together for fun experiences and excursions.

Around the World Beauty Journeys

If you’re a beauty enthusiast and want to explore beauty practices in other regions and cultures, Around the World Beauty Journeys travels all around the world to do just that. You’ll gather with a group of like-minded women, immerse yourself in some of the world’s most vibrant cultures, and expand your perceptions on how you see and define beauty (and unlock some of the world’s best-kept beauty secrets in the process!).

Be My Travel Muse

Be My Travel Muse organizes women’s tours to some of the most unique and gorgeous destinations on Earth in an effort to encourage women to put their fears aside and see the world. You’ll be going on some once-in-a-lifetime adventures, whether with a group of supportive and inspiring women. Whether swimming with whales in French Polynesia or backpacking across glaciers in Alaska, you’ll be supported by a group of like-minded travelers and a team of fun and experienced hosts.

Blogger at Large Tours

Megan Singleton’s Blogger at Large Tours travel to iconic destinations to soak in the local culture, enjoy delicious food, and hit all of the must-see sites the destination has to offer. Everything down to the accommodation and itineraries is top-notch, not to mention the company of fellow travelers who will quickly feel like old friends.

Bold Spirit Travel

Bold Spirit Travel is here to help nudge you out of your comfort zone as you sample new foods, experience a different culture, and feel the rhythm of a foreign language. Our curated all-women tours are a balanced blend of self-care, cuisine, local history, art, architecture, and contact with the natural world.

Our journeys are about creating a community with awesome women like you. Being bold is easier when you have other strong women to support your aspirations, whether they’re travel-related or not.

Broke Ass Girl Travel

If you want to travel to an exciting destination and stay at one of the most luxurious hotels all at the best price, Broke Ass Girl Travel has you covered. A true expert at finding the best deals, Mally of Broke Ass Girl Travel offers affordable group trips that are nothing but fun, beautiful, and great vibes all around.


Damesly’s luxe, small-group adventures will allow you to see the world while making lasting connections. From epic adventures to creative, business-focused retreats, Damesly prides itself on its handpicked boutique hotels, empowering and supportive community, and attention to detail with every trip!

Dear Alyne

Designed for women who are craving creative inspiration and deep connection, Dear Alyne retreats will shake you out of your routine and bring you on some unforgettable adventures. Highlighting the importance of flow state, these retreats are focused on both work and flow, with financial workshops and inspiring discussions alongside everything else.

(Co-working retreats are also offered, which allow time for your job during the weekdays while getting to meet like-minded creators from all around the world!)

Emily Explores

Emily Eats and Explores hosts incredible group trips that seek to empower women to travel the world on their terms, and her upcoming Costa Rica trip is no different. Equal parts thrilling and relaxing, Emily’s dynamic tour will explore the region’s breathtaking nature and local towns while cultivating lasting friendships within the group!

Follow the Fro Tours

Long-term traveler Kesi (of Kesi To and Fro) has made it her mission to teach people how to sustain the long-term travel lifestyle, and her Follow the Fro Tours give travelers an opportunity to experience the magic of travel with her expert insight and trip planning. From Uganda to the Arctic to the Galapagos, the trips are adventurous, informative, and inimitable.

Gals Abroad Getaways

Tailor-made for independent women who want to get out there and see the world on their own terms, Gals Abroad Getaways trips are meticulously curated by a mother-daughter team of travel advisors. They’re passionate about being conscientious visitors, aiming to keep tourism dollars local and support woman-owned businesses whenever possible.

Girls Love Travel

Girls Love Travel is a community of travel enthusiasts that focuses on women’s empowerment, support, and safety. GLT has brought women all over the world and fostered life-long friendships, so if you’re looking for some adventure buddies and a trip to a bucket-list destination, Girls Love Travel is ready for you!

Girls’ Guide to the World

Travel in style with Girls’ Guide to the World, a women-run tour company that aims to support local, women-owned businesses and maximize the economic benefit for locals while minimizing their negative impact on the environment. You’ll be surrounded by women who share your adventurous spirit, whether going on an active excursion or a journey off the beaten path.

Grrrl Traveler

Grrrl Traveler’s group trips are curated for travelers who are passionate about seeing exotic destinations, immersing themselves in local culture, and experiencing authentic traditions and cuisine. With a key emphasis on sustainability and responsible travel, you’ll be interacting with locals and going off the beaten path to see things that tourists don’t often get to experience.

Heart of Travel

Designed to support small business development in Latin America, Heart of Travel connects its travelers with local individuals and communities, resulting in unique, authentic, and heartfelt experiences. 100% women-powered, Heart of Travel is all about learning, community strength, supporting the environment, and having a blast while doing it.

In Search of Traveler

Full-time traveler Ashley McCurdy has mastered the art of affordable travel, and her passion for teaching others how affordable travel can be has led to some incredible group tours. Her In Search of Traveler group trips are exciting and luxurious, filled with excursions and plenty of photo-ops. 

Latina Traveler

Group trips with Latina Traveler are immersive, inspiring, and focused on supporting solo travelers. The WOC Wellness Era retreat is curated specifically for Women of Color to prioritize self-care and self-love at a luxury retreat filled with yoga, meditation, hikes, breathwork, reiki, and so much more. 

My Life’s A Travel Tribe

Alyssa Ramos’s My Life’s A Travel Tribe Group Trips bring solo travelers together to bucket-list destinations for everything from adrenaline-pumping activities to cultural immersion. Expect great accommodations, adventurous excursions, and a super fun group where you’re sure to make lifelong friends.

Pack Light Global

More than a tour company, Pack Light Global is a space for Black women over 40 to see the world fearlessly, joyfully, and together. Specifically catering to a group of women that’s often overlooked by the travel industry, Pack Light Global emphasizes self-care and meaningful connections, and their authentic adventures are always grounded in local culture and community.

PTO Nomad

With 10 years of experience traveling the world, the “PTO Queen” Sharinda Williams-Simmons, encourages those with a 9 to 5 job to still travel. She collaboratively teaches others how to maximize their time, money, and paid time off, to conquer the world, essentially!

The next PTO Nomad Group Trip is an amazing cultural immersion to Tanzania and Zanzibar that includes a variety of activities that explore the history and culture of the people in this magnificent region.

Sarah D. Weaver’s Invested Adventures

Sarah D. Weaver’s Adventures are truly once-in-a-lifetime trips, with bucket-list adventures like an Antarctica cruise, African safari, and Patagonia trek. Made for the entrepreneurial travel enthusiast, the itineraries aren’t all adventure, though—they’re also filled with valuable real estate investment workshops, inspirational discussions, and networking opportunities.

Sojournies Adventures

Remote worker Sojourner White extends her passion for travel to her fellow 9-5ers, creating expertly crafted group trips that’ll allow you to make the most of your PTO and vacation days.  Aiming to give you the utmost freedom and flexibility outside of the office, the next Sojournies Adventures tour is headed to Costa Rica for some group adventure and rejuvenation.

The Beach Planner Adventure Tours

If you’re heading to the Riviera Maya, The Beach Planner will curate the Adventure Tour of your dreams. You can choose your ideal day, from cenote hopping to ATV jungle rides to exploring ancient Mayan temples, and you can expect breathtaking views and tons of insight into the natural wonders you’re seeing. 

Travel with Timathea

Timathea leads a few of her private Mejo Journeys each year, curated to let her small groups of travelers unplug and experience the destination on a deeper level. With authentic and incredibly fun experiences that are rooted in local culture, Mejo Journeys travelers will get to form a deeper understanding how people live, eat, and play in the region that they’re visiting.

Wander Woman Retreats

Each retreat at Wander Woman Retreats is themed according to the destination, allowing travelers to dive deep into some amazing parts of a destination’s culture, from surfing and yoga in Morocco to diving and spa treatments in the Maldives to ancient adventures in Jordan. No matter what destination you choose, you can expect to be active, get immersed in nature, and make lifelong friends.

Wild Terrains

Wild Terrains’ specialty is bringing together women of all ages and backgrounds, and they carefully curate each trip to make it as exciting, gorgeous, and thoughtful as possible. They have close relationships with women all over the world, from hotel owners to chefs to artists to historians, so each and every trip will be the ultimate insider’s guide to the destination and will actively support local women. 

Wild Women Expeditions

Wild Women Expeditions is female-founded and owned, and has employed women in every single role, even down to local, on-ground guides, for the last 30 years! Whether you’re a skilled outdoorswoman or are a total beginner, you’ll be guided by trusted pros and have a crew of women cheering you on during activities like hiking in the Swiss Alps, Tanzania safaris, or picking tea leaves in Japan.

Want to know more about Women’s Travel Fest? Read About Us here. We look forward to welcoming you to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, February 16-19, 2024! And watch out for news on the 2025 conference destination! 



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