Best Travel Conferences to Attend in 2024

If you want to gather with fellow travel enthusiasts for a weekend of informative talks, creative workshops, and networking events, then you’ll need to add one (or a few!) of these travel conferences to your 2024 roster.

Conferences have become gatherings not only to gain more knowledge but also to make important connections and friends.

Whether you want to learn how to travel on a budget, how to build your travel business, how to live the digital nomad lifestyle, or about any other travel dream, then you’ll need to add one (or a few!) of these incredible travel conferences to your 2024 plans.

Making friends and meeting like-minded people is a big draw of a conference!

Women’s Travel Fest

So much more than a conference, Women’s Travel Fest is a transformative, retreat-like experience that aims to foster connection both between attendees and within themselves.

With a goal to unite and empower women through travel, Women’s Travel Fest offers curated talks, workshops, and mindful practices for women who love to travel.


Beginning as the Women in Travel Summit, WITS was created in response to the lack of gender diversity in the industry.

Now an international conference for all marginalized people in travel, WITS gathers creative entrepreneurs, influencers, DMOs, and others in the travel industry to learn skills to strengthen their work, grow their brands, and make powerful connections, all while building an amazing community of women and gender diverse people.

WTM London

If you’re in the travel trade, World Travel Market London welcomes professionals from all around the world to learn about and discuss topics, including experiences, transportation, accommodation, and technology solutions.

WTM London is where you’ll hear about the newest trends, network with professionals and travel businesses, and gain a flood of knowledge and support for your travel business.


Another conference for the content creators out there, Traverse offers a huge range of talks, workshops, classes, and more on topics ranging from photography and video to travel writing to personal branding to SEO.

Aside from the many informative sessions, content creators and brands from around the world will also get to enjoy fun activities and plenty of networking opportunities. Part of Traverse is Keyframe, another incredible conference tailor-made for video content creators.

Keyframe will bring your content to the next level with talks and workshops on-camera work, lighting, editing, business practices, and so much more. Expect plenty of fun networking opportunities and sightseeing adventures.


If you want expert tips and strategies on traveling more for less, TravelMore Conference is where you need to be!

With a range of sessions and workshops led by travel hacking experts, you’ll spend a fun weekend learning how to book free trips and rack up travel points (with and without credit cards).


The ultimate business event for travel creators, TravelCon will help you turn your passion for travel into a profession, sharing tools on content creation, SEO and marketing, brand deals, and so much more.

Main stage sessions will leave you inspired, breakout groups and smaller workshops will help you get specific, and the networking events, strong community, and fun activities are the cherries on top.

Travel & Adventure Show

Discover new travel options, learn the latest tips and tricks, and build your dream itinerary with experts at one of the Travel & Adventure Shows.

Offered in nine different U.S. cities on various dates, these travel shows are the perfect place to learn from the pros and save big as you book your dream trip, all in a fun, trusted, face-to-face environment.


If you’re in the business of travel (or want to be), TBEX Con brings together hundreds of travel content creators, DMOs, and brands to build lasting connections and learn the latest trends, strategies, and tactics from each other.

Experts in the travel industry will lead you through in-depth workshops and breakout sessions about storytelling, photography, video, podcasting, SEO, and so much more, not to mention day trips and fun activities.

Nomadness Fest

The Nomadness Fest curates honest and communal conversations on navigating the world as a person of color.

Each year’s theme focuses on the climate of our culture and the most pressing needs and desires of travelers, with outstanding panels on topics like wellness travel for communities of color, the impact of tourism on native land and local people, travel hacks, turning travel into a business, and so much more.

Nomad World Fest

Nomad World is a life-changing experience for digital nomads and remote workers, with a mix of expert talks and hands-on workshops on areas including remote work, web3, co-working, AI, and the future of work.

Thought-provoking conversations and cutting-edge insights will inspire you and redefine your understanding of work and life, while beach-side activities, parties, and local explorations will foster relaxation and life-long friendships.

Latino Travel Fest

The ultimate celebration of Latino culture and adventure AND the first-ever conference for Latino travelers, Latino Travel Fest is an annual conference that seeks to gather, grow, and galvanize the Latino travel community.

Touching on everything from monetizing your travels to budgeting for trips to solo female travel to traveling with family, you’ll leave Latino Travel Fest with an abundance of valuable information and part of a tight-knit travel community.

Black Travel Summit

Black Travel Summit champions and accelerates opportunities for Black travelers, industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and creators.

At this groundbreaking weekend conference, you’ll gain insight from industry leaders, gain valuable skills, engage in thought-provoking discussions, form meaningful connections, and be a part of an impactful movement.

Bansko Nomad Fest

A weeklong adventure, Bansko Nomad Fest brings together hundreds of digital nomads and remote workers for curated events designed to elevate your health, wealth, happiness, and freedom.

Focused on celebrating the location-independent lifestyle, the fest includes everything from presentations and workshops to sports, nature immersion, and mindfulness activities.

Want to know more about Women’s Travel Fest? Read About Us here. We look forward to welcoming you to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, February 16-19, 2024! And watch out for news on the 2025 conference destination! 



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