Best Travel Books That Inspire You To Embrace the Life You Want

These amazing books have sprung from the brilliant minds of these leaders in travel—some of whom have been past speakers.

Here at Women’s Travel Fest, the chief mission we embody is to support travelers in all ways. We’re excited to share some incredible resources for everyone to embrace their lives to the fullest, and these inspiring books have sprung from the brilliant minds of these celebrated entrepreneurs, travelers, and leaders—some of whom have been past speakers! 

Enjoy these selections (which, by the way, make great holiday gifts, too!!). 

The Solo Female Travel Book: Available in Kindle | Paperback

The Solo Female Travel Book by Jen Ruiz

A successful travel content creator, Jen Ruiz empowers women to travel more, work remotely, and ultimately live life on their own terms. She was a speaker at the Women’s Travel Fest last year!

Her book, The Solo Female Travel Book, is not only a super fun read but a major confidence boost. Half guide and half memoir, it offers thorough and thoughtful tips on topics like choosing the right destinations, taking great photos by yourself, packing efficiently, and making friends abroad. Relatable, funny, and incredibly insightful, this is the ultimate book for women who want to pursue solo travel. 

Her book, The Affordable Flight Guide, is another great option for travel enthusiasts, with incredible information on finding cheap airline tickets and exploring the world on a budget. And if you’re interested in the freedom of work-from-home lifestyle, her book 25 Ways to Work from Home is a must-read! 

Wander Woman: Available in Kindle | Paperback | Audiobook

Wander Woman by Beth Santos

Another great pick for solo female travelers, Wander Woman by Beth Santos is here to arm women with the knowledge and confidence they need to have the travel adventures of a lifetime. Exploring traditional topics like women’s personal safety, crafting itineraries, and finding community from a fresh and modern perspective, Beth’s book is both a how-to guide and a support system for women. 

Whether you’re planning the solo trip of your dreams, want to feel more prepared for business trips, or anything in between, you’ll leave Wander Woman feeling inspired and so excited to board your next flight! 

Call You When I Land: Available in Kindle | Paperback | Audiobook

Call You When I Land by Nikki Vargas

From imposter syndrome to chasing career dreams to love and heartbreak, Nikki Vargas bares it all in her heartfelt memoir Call You When I Land. Go along with Nikki on a journey of self-discovery and inspiration as she leaves everything behind to pursue her passions, one plane ticket at a time. Her relatable stories and reflections are all told with immense vulnerability as if chatting with a friend. 

If you’re looking for some inspiration to shake things up in life, you’ll definitely find it in this fun and down-to-earth book. 

A previous speaker in 2020, Nikki will be back at this year’s Women’s Travel Fest with an eye-opening talk that you won’t want to miss!

The One-Way Ticket Plan: Available in Kindle | Paperback | Audiobook

The One-Way Ticket Plan by Alexa West

If you’re yearning to pack a bag and hit the road but are worried about finances or the logistics of traveling alone, Alexa West has you covered. Her book The One-Way Ticket Plan will be your ultimate guide to traveling the world while lowering your cost of living, offering real-world advice on common issues like unfamiliar foods, loneliness, tourist traps, and even using strange toilets. 

With hilarious stories and practical strategies, even the most inexperienced of travelers will step away feeling inspired to finally book that flight and make money from anywhere in the world.

Yes, I’m a Woman, and I’m Traveling Alone: Available in Kindle | Paperback

Yes, I’m a Woman and I’m Traveling Alone by Alyssa Ramos

Alyssa Ramos of My Life’s A Travel Movie has spent the last ten years traveling solo, full-time, and for a living, and has compiled this incredible book about how she did it. Going over her initial jump into solo travel, navigating those first few years, the stigma and stereotypes of women traveling alone, and how she became one of the first solo female travel influencers, Alyssa gets real with her readers about solo travel. 

You’ll also get the inside scoop on logistics and itineraries, self-photography, relationships, and more. So, for the bold and independent women out there who are living or are interested in living this lifestyle, Yes, I’m a Woman and I’m Traveling Alone should be your next read.

Brave-ish: Available in Kindle | Paperback

Brave-ish by Lisa Niver

Chronicling Lisa Niver’s courageous path of starting a whole new life at 47, Brave-ish is all about taking small, “brave-ish” steps into the life you want to be living. Armed with the challenge of trying fifty new things before turning fifty, Lisa Niver’s journey turns into one of reinvention and personal growth while traveling to distant corners of the globe and going on some incredible adventures. 

Speaking on the resilience of the human spirit, this book will inspire you to take risks, embrace uncertainty, and dream big. 

She Builds: Available in Kindle | Audiobook | Hardcover

She Builds by Jadah Sellner

She Builds: The Anti-Hustle Guide to Grow Your Business and Nourish Your Life is a source of support for women who want to build success without sacrificing all of their time, relationships, and peace. In the midst of a very prevalent (and toxic) hustle culture, Jadah Sellner’s book is a breath of fresh air for women who want to work on their own terms, sharing a new entrepreneurial model for women to create a thriving business that will allow them to prioritize their well-being. 

After years of helping women create sustainable businesses without burning out, Jadah Sellner has put her personal stories, case studies, helpful exercises, and tons of advice into this empowering book. 

Everything Is Not Enough: Available in Kindle | Audiobook | Hardcover

Everything is Not Enough by Lọlá Ákínmádé Åkerström

With a background in Geoscience and travel photography, Lọlá Ákínmádé Åkerström is a powerful voice in both the travel world and the literature world. Her most recent book, Everything is Not Enough, follows the loosely intertwined and complicated lives of three Black women as they navigate place, prejudice, and patriarchy in the egalitarian society of Sweden. 

Described as absorbing, emotional, and comforting, the journeys of these three characters will fill you up and stay with you long after you finish the book.  

The Catch Me If You Can: Available in Kindle | Audiobook | Hardcover

The Catch Me if You Can by Jessica Nabongo

A travel expert, blogger, and powerful speaker, Jessica Nabongo also boasts the claim of being the first Black woman to travel to every country in the world, and her bestselling book, The Catch Me If You Can, documents her experiences in each country. 

You’ll find thrilling tales of dog sledding in Norway, swimming with humpback whales in Tonga, a late-night adventure with strangers crossing the border in Guinea Bissau, learning to lasso with Black cowboys in Oklahoma, and so many more, plus eye-opening stories from seldom-visited destinations like North Korea, Tuvalu, and South Sudan. Referred to as her love letters to diversity, beauty, culture, and the people she’s met along the way, Nabongo’s own photographs make this book all the more stunning.  

Tell Her She Can’t: Available in Kindle | Audiobook | Paperback

Tell Her She Can’t by Kelly Lewis

A celebration of feminine strength and resilience, Kelly Lewis’s Tell Her She Can’t is the manifesto every woman needs to read. Loaded with the true stories of 35 trailblazing women, this book will show you how to break boundaries, turn challenges into opportunities, and become unstoppable. And, you’ll get to know some incredible women along the way. 

Kelly Lewis is not just a successful entrepreneur, entrepreneurial coach, and world traveler, but she also happens to be the original founder of Women’s Travel Fest! She was a speaker at last year’s conference too! 

30-Day Stay: Available in Kindle | Audiobook | Paperback

30-Day Stay by Sarah Weaver and Zeona McIntyre

Interested in real estate investments? 30-Day Stay: A Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Mastering the Medium-Term Rental will introduce you to the medium-term rental strategy, which gives you the benefits of investing in Airbnbs without the struggles of high turnover or city regulations. Authors Sarah Weaver and Zeona McIntyre introduce a thorough guide to a powerful yet flexible real estate method that reduces cost, time, and bookkeeping while raising profits!

It’s thorough and engaging, with case studies and a host of valuable information that the authors’ nearly thirty rental properties and decades of real estate investing experience have given them. 

Last year, Sarah Weaver was a featured speaker at the Women’s Travel Fest!

The Vegan Baby Cookbook and Guide: Available in Kindle | Paperback

The Vegan Baby Cookbook and Guide by Ashley Renne Nsonwu

No book list is complete without a cookbook! Ashley Renne Nsonwu’s newest cookbook, The Vegan Baby Cookbook and Guide, makes cooking healthy vegan food for your family amazingly simple and satisfying. 

It’s not only full of yummy and super easy vegan recipes that your baby or toddler is sure to love, but also shares evidence-based nutrition guidelines, parenting tips, benefits of veganism, how to create a vegan shopping list, and how to navigate veganism in school and social settings! 

The Power of Pivoting : How to Embrace Change and Create a Life You Love
Available in Kindle | Paperback

The Power of Pivoting by Monica Ortega

Life is full of unexpected changes, and Monica Ortega’s book, The Power of Pivoting, will teach you how to not only deal with them but embrace them and use them to build your dream life. If change is scary to you, then you absolutely need to read this book! 

With wisdom and humor, Monica Ortega will show you how to discover the source of your fear, let it go, shift your mindset, and create opportunities from any situation. You’ll step away from this book excited for everything the universe has in store for you and ready to tackle all of the pivots to come. 

The Art of Unruly Travel on a Budget: Available in Paperback

The Art of Unruly Travel on a Budget

If you’re a frugal adventurer, ethically-minded traveler, or are yearning to see the world but are on a budget, The Art of Unruly Travel on a Budget will be your ultimate guide to traveling on a small budget and leaving a minimal footprint. Every single tip and trick in this book was learned firsthand by traveler, activist, and author Calen Otto after starting their traveling journey with just a bike and a $300 gift card!

This isn’t your ordinary travel-on-a-budget book that recommends hostels and scraping together discounts—it’s full of creative advice, exciting tools, and raw, heartfelt stories of Calen’s experiences. This book will help you turn your travel dreams into a reality, no matter how small your budget may be.

Want to know more about Women’s Travel Fest? Read About Us here. We look forward to welcoming you to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, February 16-19, 2024! And watch out for news on the 2025 conference destination! 



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