About Us

The Women’s Travel Fest is the world’s largest consumer travel conference for women. 

Like all big things, the event started out as a simple idea.

In 2013, Kelly Lewis was on a cross-country book tour with her company Go! Girl Guides, which published travel guidebooks for women. On that tour, she found herself speaking to audiences across the country about travel, and quickly realized those audiences were almost always filled with other women.

In cities like Indianapolis and Kansas City, she met women bringing their grandchildren in to hear her speak, and they stuck around for hours wanting to pick her brain on where and how to travel. The energy in those talks was contagious and undeniable.

It was on that tour that she knew she wanted to make this into a larger project, and thus, the seeds for what would become Women’s Travel Fest, were planted.

When she moved to New York City at the end of that tour in 2013, she found herself in a bar talking about travel and the industry with women like Christine Maxfield, Masha Vapnitchnaia, and Mickela Mallozzi.

That conversation lit the fire in everyone, and Lewis, Vapnitchnaia and Mallozzi began to really talk about what a conference just for women passionate about traveling would look like.

Since then, Women’s Travel Fest has been produced with love by Kelly Lewis, Mickela Mallozzi, and a team of volunteers and sponsors.

The result is a transformative event that launches careers, connects new friends, and has sent hundreds of women across the world.

Join us in 2022 as we celebrate our 9th annual show March 4-6 at the World Forestry Center in Portland, Oregon. See you at the fest!

30+ Speakers

Fearless females from all different walks of life converge to inspire each other to travel the world, in your way!

Why Join Us?

We're the world's largest consumer travel event for women.
  • Pick Up New Creative Skills
  • Make Epic Boss Buds
  • Learn How to Upgrade Your Travels
  • Join a Global Sisterhood